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Jan 15, 2013 2:00pm PST
right -- will he or will he not own up to doping in that oprah winfrey interview? we will talk about that when we return. >> welcome back. in the u.s., barack obama says he will present a plan this week for cutting gun violence and month after the newtown massacre. >> it is thought the plan might include a ban on assault weapons, and there could be tighter controls on high- capacity ammunition clips as well as tougher background checks. >> what of the measure, one thing is for sure -- they will be controversial. here's a look at the latest data on guns in the u.s. and how they compare with europe. >> despite recurring shooting rampages, most recently in newtown, connecticut, before that in aurora, colorado, many americans still reject gun control. they say the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the u.s. constitution. the un estimates america has 88 guns for every 100 residents. guns are involved in about 30 murders per million residents. the contrast with europe is dramatic. britain has just 6.2 tons per hundred and less than one gun murder per million. germany has about 30 firearms
Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
immigrants. he talked about that quite a lot. that is the point that might translate into serious political action. as we all know the latina community is affected by immigration and they helped to re-elect barack obama. major project coming up there. the last point that is important for us europeans, he talked about climate change. he signaled he is willing to take action in this field. the first term he did not do that. maybe change is coming in the second term. >> realisticly, how far can he get? >> he might come farther than we all think. because he has changed his strategy for a second term. we got a glimpse of that last week. he is trying to mobilize public opinion before he tries to do anything politically. he does it with campaign style events, a lot of money and advertisements. we saw it work for the fiscal cliff debate. seems to be working for the debt ceiling expect every major issue in the coming months and years to be a major campaign style eve. >> obviously it sounds like there will be a lot of focus domestic issues. what about foreign policy? >> history sh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2